For over 30 years, PREPARE/ENRICH (P/E) has been the #1 relationship assessment tool for therapists.

The Challenge

The P/E website had thousands of pages of content, many of which were redundant, and the site serves a variety of users ranging from therapists who only visit to log in (similar to bank websites) to couples who want to explore the product. How could we provide a refreshed design that exceeded the expectations of their core users and modernized the brand?

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“When working with Moon March, we felt heard and understood.  They took the time to learn our business and challenged our thinking about our website architecture and user experience.  They are systematic in their approach and understand the value of starting at the beginning.”

Laura Praske - Product Owner

The Solution



Our first step was to select the main targets of the website by developing corresponding personas through an interactive workshop. Who is the target? What needs do they have when visiting the site? What pain points can be resolved?

001. Personas

Competitive Research

We reviewed all competitors’ websites, asking: What is the standard navigation? What language is being used? How might we differentiate?

002. Competitive Research

Content Audit

We audited all content, providing a spreadsheet that highlighted duplicative content and showed gaps in content based on the previously defined user needs.

003. Content Audit

Content Strategy & IA

We then defined our new information architecture (IA). We then compared that with the content audit, identifying the content that could be reused and what gaps needed to be filled.

004. Content Strategy & IA


Next, we introduced two possible visual directions. Unlike a web-page design, a moodboard does not focus on layout. Instead, it focuses on colors, typography, and common assets. This empowered the P/E team to choose a visual direction without getting caught up in content and layout.

005. Moodboards

Wireframes & Sketches

We then created wireframe layouts, once again empowering the P/E team to determine content hierarchy without getting caught up in visual design.

006. Wireframes & Sketches

The Results


Visual Design

Lastly, we brought together the content strategy, moodboard, wireframes, and copywriting to form a beautiful and strategically sound visual design.