The TCS New York City Marathon is the largest marathon in the world. Every year, people participate, attend, and watch the marathon across the world.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the NYC Marathon, there were 12 key communication targets. Runners, spouses, friends, viewers, etc. However, segmenting that many audiences was impractical for both messaging and budget.

Jobs to Be Done

  • Build global awareness leading to the TCS New York City Marathon.
  • Increase national audience tune-in to ESPN and WABC-7 broadcasts.
  • Engage runners and key stakeholders across all comms. channels.
The Challenge

The Solution

We segmented the 11 targets into four groups, based on their emotional commitment to the Marathon. For example, runners are entirely committed, while TV viewers are tepidly committed.

The Solution

The Results

Increased TV viewership, digital engagement, and brand awareness using out-of-home, TV, display, and social.

Our segmentation strategy enabled us to select tactics and communication objectives in a phased approach, ensuring we communicated to all targets in a contextually relevant fashion.