The Challenge

Heyrick came to Moon March in need of a name and a brand identity that would stand out for years to come and bolster their reputation as they engaged with partners in law enforcement, government, and civil society.

The Results

We named them, and brought the brand to life with a beautiful visual language, a stunning website, and all the templates and collateral needed to operate with confidence.

Our Process


Brand Strategy

Our first step was to run our Brand 360 workshop, the result of which was a rock-solid brand strategy that will serve as the foundation for all future creative initiatives.



Leveraging the results of the Brand 360 brand strategy, we led the Heyrick team through our Brand New Name process. We arrived at a name that enabled differentiation while being rich in meaning: Elizabeth Heyrick was an unsung hero of abolitionism in 19th Century England. Not only did she defy gender expectations, but she led the “immediate abolition and complete emancipation of slaves” movement, countering the popular paradigm at the time: giving slavery time to “die out.”


User Experience Personas

Next, we defined the main targets of the website by developing corresponding personas. Who is the target? What needs do they have when visiting the site? What pain points can be resolved?


Content Strategy & IA

We then helped craft key messages, and defined Heyrick’s new website information architecture (IA), identifying content gaps and needs. Furthermore, because Heyrick Research is a young organization, it was critical to build a data model with the long-term in mind, so that future content would always have a home.


Wireframes & Layout

We then created wireframe layouts, empowering the Heyrick Research team to determine content hierarchy and content layout without getting caught up in visual design.


Brand Visual Identity

We then brought the brand to life with a beautiful and ownable visual language, including logo, illustrations, color palette, typography, print collateral, and more.


Logo Design

We designed a logo that would feel both familiar and fresh with would-be partners, a logo that would differentiate Heyrick, and would withstand the test of time.



We carefully selected a typography pairing with a headline type that harkens to the era of Heyrick’s namesake, offset by a modern sans-serif with subtle ligatures and flourishes.


Color Palette

Next, we selected a fresh color palette that would, once again, feel somewhat familiar to Heyrick’s audience, but wouldn’t land them in the sea of “blueness” that is the NGO world.


Templates & Illustrations

We then designed our Template Starter Kit to ensure Heyrick had everything they needed to present themselves with confidence.

  1. One-page overview print piece
  2. Business cards
  3. Keynote & MS Office Templates
  4. InDesign Template

And, to top it all off, we designed an abstract illustration language that allowed for ultimate content flexibility.