Global Health Outreach sends medical professionals to provide life-changing treatment in remote villages where no one else will go.

“Moon March was exceptional at identifying and reaching our desired audience. They developed an initial digital marketing engine in under eight weeks and quickly developed meaningful, attractive content. They created automated nurturing campaigns that enabled us to close deals and increase our trip participation by over 25% in less than nine months. Even in the early days of creating this marketing engine, we earned $4 for every $2 we spent, and things continued to improve through ongoing optimization.”

Donald Thompson - Director

The Challenge

GHO trip participant numbers had been decreasing, and they had never engaged in digital marketing. Could GHO increase trip participants using digital marketing?

Jobs to Be Done

  • Increase medical professionals taking trips annually
  • Create an automated Digital Marketing Engine
The Challenge

The Solution

Our first step was to identify key target personas and quickly test if these targets were reachable via digital. We did this by building a digital marketing infrastructure which included paid social, paid search, landing pages, and email marketing. The results were excellent, meriting ongoing digital engagement.

We then implemented a CRM and built a robust, automated email drip campaign to convert leads from prospects. We then baselined ROI by rapidly iterating ad spend across all channels and testing persona-centric landing pages. Upon establishing a baseline CPA, we began testing new landing pages and got to work optimizing ad spend. In parallel, we developed and deployed a content strategy to increase organic traffic and supplement paid traffic.

The Solution

The Results

Within six months, we generated over 250 new trip participants, 12,000 new leads, and $72,000 in revenue.

All while reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA) and generating a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).